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Announcement: Dairy Day 2020 canceled 

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For the past nineteen years, Dairy Day has been a fantastic community event, drawing hundreds of people to celebrate the history and impact of agriculture in our county. 

Dairy Day has now become an annual tradition and we are proud to announce that the planning of our twentieth Annual Dairy Day is underway! As in the past, a committee consisting of dairy farmers, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Farm Bureau members, USDA employees, and local Chenango County businesses are planning a fun-filled and exciting Dairy Day. 

The 2020 Dairy Day celebration on Saturday, June 20, 2020, at the Chenango County Fairgrounds. Similar to previous years, we are planning to begin the day at 10:00AM with a parade in the City of Norwich leading to the Fairgrounds. This years parade has a NEW ROUTE!! Beginning at the CWS/Acheive parking lot and proceeding down Maydole Street to the Fair grounds!!! Family activities and educational exhibits celebrating Chenango County’s agricultural heritage and the importance of the dairy industry, its past, present, and future will be present. 

Further information and links for contests rules and forms:

2020 Dairy Day Agriculture Scholarship Application


Rich Taber
Grazing/Ag Economic Development Specialist
(607) 334-5841 ext. 1121

Last updated June 1, 2020