Sewing Camp 2019

A few of our sewing camp project completors

Ag-Stravaganza 2020

Dairy cow class at Ag-Stravaganza

4-H Shooting Sports

4-H Shooting Sports at Bainbridge Sportsmen's Club

Soil Critter study!

4-H After school program: youth exploring the forest and pond.

4-H Outdoor Adventure Chenango River

4-H Outdoor Adventure kayaking trip on Chenango River


Nationally, over 6 million youth belong to 4-H. In Chenango County, we offer local and county-wide 4-H clubs, afterschool 4-H opportunities, connections to 4-H camps and statewide 4-H activities. Visit our pages or call our office to learn more!


Craig Brown
4-H Youth Development Program Coordinator
(607) 334-5841 ext. 1112

Last updated July 5, 2022