4-H market Program

4-H Livestock Market Program

The 4-H Livestock Market Program is an educational program designed for youth involved in 4-H, aged 8 to 18 years old. It focuses on teaching young participants about the principles of animal husbandry, agriculture, and business management through hands-on experience with livestock.

Here are some key aspects of the 4-H Livestock Market Program:

  1. Youth Development: The program aims to develop life skills such as responsibility, decision-making, and teamwork among participants. By caring for and raising animals, youth learn the importance of commitment and dedication.
  2. Livestock Selection and Care: Participants typically select an animal (such as a steer, lamb, hog, or goat) to raise from a young age. They learn about proper nutrition, health care, and handling techniques under the guidance of adult mentors and experts.
  3. Record Keeping: Keeping accurate records of expenses, feed consumption, and health treatments is a crucial component of the program. Participants learn to maintain detailed records to track the progress and profitability of their project.
  4. Marketing and Economics: As the name suggests, the focus of the program is on the "market" aspect of raising livestock. Participants learn about market trends, pricing strategies, and the economic aspects of agriculture. They may also have opportunities to sell their animals at livestock auctions or directly to buyers.
  5. Community and Networking: Participants often engage with their local communities through events, fairs, and educational workshops. They also build networks with agricultural professionals, potential buyers, and other youth involved in similar programs.
  6. Educational Opportunities: Beyond practical skills, the program offers educational workshops, seminars, and resources to deepen participants' understanding of agriculture, animal science, and related fields.

Overall, the 4-H Livestock Market Program is a comprehensive educational experience that blends practical agricultural skills with personal development, preparing youth for future careers in agriculture or related fields while fostering a deep appreciation for the responsibilities of raising livestock.


Victoria Ryan
4-H Animal Science and Agriculture Educator
607-334-5841 ext. 1115

Last updated June 17, 2024