Sherburne-Earlville youth participate in their first Ag in the Classroom lesson with Educator Kristi Gorrell

The Chenango County 4-H Agriculture in the Classroom Program has officially begun!


From mushrooms to milkshakes, CCE Educator Shealyn is bringing agriculture to you!

ag education in action

Lessons include exciting stories and fun activities!

Pickle making

Pickle making!! Our lessons are always exciting!

Craig's Goats

This year we are sure to have several special guests!


Did you know that all participating youth can join Chenango County 4-H for free?

Agriculture in the Classroom

What is it?

Agriculture is constantly changing but one thing remains the same: Agriculture is a vital part of our day. Even in elementary grades, it's important for students to gain an understanding and appreciation for the ways agriculture touches their lives, each and every day. Food doesn't just appear in the grocery store or on the kitchen table. It all starts with agriculture. We want students to know that whether they live on a dirt road or in the middle of the village, they can turn their curiosity into action.

Teachers: What to expect?

Our goal is to define agriculture simply and guide students to think about how many things in their everyday world would not be possible without agriculture. We cannot do this successfully without you. We invite you to share your applicable lesson plans that tie in with agriculture. When possible, we would love to coordinate our activities to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. Because we plan to have many "hands-on" activities, students may get excited and silly. This is our desired outcome, in fact! You are always invited to step in and assist when the need arises. Thank you for your help to make this program a success. We are so excited to have this partnership with your students. 


Kristi Gorrell
4-H Youth and Families Supervisor

Last updated June 10, 2024