4-H Clubs

We have several options for clubs in Chenango County, See below a listing of our current clubs and what they offer. 

Ambitious Lions

Corn Maze Kids

Corn Maze Kids is a livestock oriented club but also do a variety of other general 4-H topics in their meetings. Their club offers diverse animal backgrounds to members including but not limited too Dairy, Equine, Livestock, Rabbit and Canine interests areas. 

Curious Kids

Groovy Goat Getters

Hidden Ponds Horse Lovers

Hidden Ponds is a equine specific club. Hidden Ponds is the oldest continuous club in the county. They focus on horse education, showmanship, horse related projects, community service and public speaking. 

Jolly Greene Giants

Ribbon Wranglers

The Ribbon Wranglers are a general interest club. They enjoy doing arts and craft activities, community service and other types of projects. ***

Storm Family

Storm Family is a dairy focused club. They focus on dairy knowledge, community service and public speaking. 

Valley Busters

Valley Busters 4-H Club is active in a variety of different 4-H projects. Yearly projects include: livestock, baking, sewing, crafts, photography, to anything that a member has interest in! ***

Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers is a livestock oriented club but do a little bit of everything. ***

Caring Clovers

Tractor Club

The Tractor Club is a machinery focused club. Their club focuses on the mechanics of tractors, tractor and equipment safety, and overall machinery knowledge. Their goal is to refurbish a tractor for the 2024 fair! ***

*** Dictates club is accepting new members


Victoria Ryan
4-H Animal Science and Agriculture Educator
607-334-5841 ext. 1115

Last updated December 22, 2023