Farm Business Plans

If you ever intend to borrow money, expand your farm, or grow your business you should have a business plan. Heading into a farm venture without a business plan is like never packing a tent for a camping trip.

The best thing to do is sit down and spend the time it takes to write and develop a good business plan. Along the path there will be twists and turns, adoptions, and edits made to the original plan but is best to guide your ventures with a well written business plan.

A business plan will guide your farm venture and aid your farms decision making process. Provided below are some resources and links to assist you along the way.

Producing a Business Plan for Guided Agriculture- by Deborah H. Streeter, Dept. of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University, 2007

Business Plan A, Word document/PDF

Business Plan B, Word document/PDF

Business Plan C, Word document/PDF

Woodlot Owner Business Plan, PDF

Woodlot Owner Mushroom Business Plan, PDF


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Last updated July 26, 2019