hay field in Ulysses NY
Image by Sandy Repp

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Available Farmland

Farms & Farmlands for Sale, Rent or Lease in Chenango County

CCE Chenango is interested in receiving information about farms and agricultural lands that are for sale, rent, or lease in Chenango County. We are looking to gather as much comprehensive information from the public as we can to serve as a 'clearinghouse' for people who may be looking for land and farms. We are working with area real estate agencies to provide us with a lot of our information, but welcome any information from community members, especially concerning lands that may be available for rent or lease.

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To list a property on our website and add it to our database, please contact Rich Taber at 607-334-5841, ext. 21, or email at rbt44@cornell.edu.


Rich Taber
Grazing/Ag Economic Development Specialist
(607) 334-5841 ext. 1121

Last updated February 18, 2015