Soil Sampling
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We offer pH, Full Nutrient Analysis, and specialized soil tests.

Soil Health

CCE Chenango offers three soil testing opportunities.

pH: We conduct pH testing and recommendations in the office for free. Please bring in 1/2 cup of dry soil from a few spots in your field, garden or lawn and either our Chenango County Master Gardeners or our Hort/NR Educator will test the pH. (Acidity and Alkalinity measurements only)

Full Nutrient Analyses: Soil samples requiring a full nutrient analysis are send to the Agro-One Lab in Ithaca.This lab works in partnership with the Cornell Nutrient Analysis Lab to provide full recommendations for soil testing. Cost $16 per sample. Commercial Growers need to know their soil types, it can be looked up here: or at our office. Please bring in a total of 2 cups of dry soil taken from 8-12 locations in your field, garden or lawn at the root level of the plants you are trying to grow. Full information about the Agro-One Lab can be found at:

If you are looking for non-standard soil tests or tests for research, we may send you to the Cornell Nutrient Analysis Lab: Please contact our office to determine which lab you need if you are unsure. The Cornell Lab no longer processes regular soil samples.


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Last updated July 26, 2019