4-H Club Program

4-H Clubs provide a wide variety of opportunities for young people aged 5-to-19. More than 300 youth are enrolled in our 4-H Club program, in groups that are as varied as your imagination. Members of 4-H clubs are learning about environmental issues, veterinary medicine, science, engineering and technology (SET), sewing skills, healthy lifestyles, and having fun in the process!

If youth have a hobby or interest that they would like to explore, and enjoy being with friends, join a 4-H club where members learn something new while having fun, improving communication and leadership skills, and serving their community. If there isn't already a 4-H club that meets your needs, our 4-H staff can help a parent or adult volunteer organize and support a club.

Why 4-H Clubs?

Member Criteria

All youth participating in the 4-H Program must be enrolled as Cloverbuds or 4-H Members through Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chenango County for the current 4-H project year.

Cloverbuds must be 5 years old before January 1st of the current year and enrolled in Kindergarten. 4-H members must be 8 years old, but not have reached their 19th birthday before January 1st of the current year.

At the end of each 4-H project year all 4-H members are eligible for a Certificate of Participation or a Certificate and Pin of Completion. Cloverbuds are eligible for a Certificate of Participation. All certificates are based on the discretion of the 4-H club leader or parent of independently enrolled members. Members that qualify for a Certificate of Completion will be given preference over one who just participates in an activity or project when being selected for special recognition, such as awards, trips, etc

Club Criteria

A 4-H club will consist of at least five members and one adult leader who are enrolled in the Chenango County 4-H Program through Cornell Cooperative Extension. Members may be any combination of Cloverbuds (ages 5-7) and/or 4-Hers
(ages 8-19).

Applying for Club Charter

  • Once a club has met all of the above club criteria they may submit the "Application For A Club Charter" that is printed in the front of the Club Secretary's Handbook to the 4-H Office.
  • Once a club has received a Charter, it is not necessary to ever apply for one again.


Craig Brown
Association Executive Director
(607) 334-5841

Last updated August 19, 2019