Vegetables growing in a community garden

McDonough Community Gardens

McDonough Community Gardens

Container Gardening

Container Gardening class at CCE Chenango

Bainbridge Community Garden

Raised garden beds in Bainbridge

Community Gardens Project

The Community Gardens Project Funding was ended in 2015. 

Below is a summary of our successes.

The Beginning:

In 1996 Stacie Edick and several other Chenango County residents started the Norwich Community Garden on City of Norwich property on Hale Street next to the Chenango River. After several years Rebecca Hargrave took over management of the Community Garden as part of her Horticulture Educator position. In 2008 Rebecca Hargrave and Kim Eaton identified a grant opportunity and asked Stacie Edick for assistance in writing the proposal. 

In 2009 CCE Chenango received funding for the Community Gardens Project through the NYS Department of Health’s Healthy Eating Active Living by Design (HEALD) program.This funding has come to a close. Stacie was hired in the September of 2009. 

The Norwich Community Garden was expanded to 40 plots and since then other Community Gardens were created: 

Oxford Community Garden – 2010 - was used for one year but then flooded out and not rebuilt due to low interest in plot rental, although there was terrific community support in getting it started.

Bainbridge Community Garden – 2011 - behind Maple Manor and CHIP housing – started with 6 raised beds, then 12 more added in 2012. Created in partnership with the Jericho Garden Club on Village property. Jericho Garden Club maintains it. Contact Joanne Darling at 607-967-835. Cook Park 

Community Garden in Greene – 2013 - for seasonal residents of the campground – 6 raised beds. Built with assistance from the Headwaters Youth Conservation Corps (HYCC). 

Afton Community Garden – 2013 - 6 raised beds behind the Community Center/Library – maintained by the Afton Vision Group. Contact Alan Steinberg at 607-624-5124 

Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center – 2014 - 6 raised beds, (9 families ~ 27 people) built by HYCC, maintained by Rogers staff. Contact 607-674-4733 

McDonough – 2014 - 4 raised beds, (food pantry) CG supplied limber, Kelley Grange #1301 built and maintains garden. Contact Steve Ellsworth at 607-647-9321

Earth Box container gardens were provided to approximately 80 families including Head Start parents and people who participated in Grow Cook Eat program in 2012-15. 1,865+ pounds of produce have been donated to food pantries and soup kitchens since 2012. 

Gardening Classes have been taught over the years reaching approximately 467 people since September of 2009. Food Preservation and coordination of the Master Food Preservers has been funded by the CG funds since 2009. Classes have been attended by approximately 272 people since 2009.


Currently there are community gardens located in Norwich, Sherburne, Bainbridge, Afton, McDonough and at Cook Park in Greene.

Last updated May 4, 2020