4-H Swine Project

A swine project teaches youth the biology of monogastric animals (which are, in many ways, much like humans) through learning by doing.

The New York State 4-H Swine programs consist of the Empire Market Hog program, the swine breeding program and a variety of educational and competitive activities. All 4-H Swine projects can be completed at county level and at the New York State Fair.

A market hog program may be started with feeder pig(s) weighing about 40-50 pounds. The pigs are then fed for an additional 3 to 3 1/2 months until they weigh about 220-250 pounds, and are ready for market or showing at the fair. Carcass information can be obtained for evaluation and education.

In a breeding program, start with either purebred or crossbred gilt or sow. A gilt may be selected and reared from a feeder pig and later mated and cared for through gestation and farrowing for the next year's programs

Last updated December 22, 2023