Our Monthly Outdoor Adventure!!
Cooking, Outdoor adventure

4-Her's cooking the fish they caught!

Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports takes place once a month!

4-H Outdoor Adventure

The Outdoor Adventure program is designed to get youth excited about spending time outdoors. It is our hope that the program promotes opportunities for youth to explore and learn about their natural environment through different avenues. Events are typically scheduled during the third weekend of every month throughout the year. See below for the tentative schedule for this year. To participate in any of these events or get more information, contact Christina Hall.

Another outdoor related offering is the Shooting Sports program. Chenango County 4-H Shooting Sports is a program that gives local youth an opportunity to learn about various shooting disciplines, currently archery and air rifle, while encouraging safe shooting practices and environmental stewardship. Following 4-H’s “Learn by Doing” mantra, our youth get the opportunity to shoot at each practice, utilizing techniques and safety tips given by our instructors. Youth ages 9 and up are eligible to shoot. For more information about the Shooting Sports program and for meeting dates and times, contact us.

Outdoor Skills Challenge!

Saturday June 1st at 9AM • Millbrook Park outside New Berlin 

 Imagine you’re lost in the woods—what will you eat , how will you prepare a shelter, how will you stay warm? Join in for the second year of the 4-H Surviva l Skills Challenge to see if you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness! You and your team will be put to the ultimate test in challenges involving shelter building, kayaking, navigation, foraging, fire s tarting, and first aid using only your brain and the resources in your pack! Register here!

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4-H Agriculture Educator
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Last updated August 19, 2019