meat labels depicting terms used in meat sales,  USDA, Natural, certified, grass fed

Some of the terms that are used to describe local meats.

bulk meat wrapped and labelled in a home freezer
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Save money by buying meat in bulk directly from the producer, and storing it in your freezer!

Local Meats

The purpose of The Meat Producers Guide in Chenango County is to link consumers with meat producers in Chenango County, New York. Many of the producers can arrange to sell freezer beef in bulk, such as quarters, halves, and whole animals to consumers; some can provide individual cuts. Other types of meat are mentioned specifically. A typical method of purchasing, but not the only method, is to pay the producer a given price per pound hanging carcass weight, and then pay the processor separately for butchering, cutting and wrapping. Cornell Cooperative Extension does not endorse any given producer, but is merely sharing information given to us by the farmers/producers. Arrangements for sale of meat producers are strictly between the consumer and producer.

Download a 10-page PDF of the Chenango County NY Meat & Livestock Producers Direct Marketing List


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Last updated July 26, 2019